Friday, October 14, 2011

Different ways to tie chair sashes

Chair sashes can add detail a pop of color to any event. Many customers ask us how to tie the chair covers, and here are some ideas to get you started.

Tying chair sashes takes longer than you think (we know from experience!). Make sure you practice and leave plenty of time in your schedule for sash tying. This is a great activity for people who want to help with your event!

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Knotted Chair Sash
The easiest and fastest way to tie a chair sash is in a knot. You can either tie in a traditional knot, or hide the knot. This video gives you a great tip for hiding the knot once you have it tied.

One Loop Bow Sash
The one loop bow sash is unique, yet fairly easy to tie. To learn how, watch this video.

Traditional Bow Sash
Tying a bow sash is fairly easy as well. The trick is to make sure you pull the knot tight before you loop the bow. This video shows you how.

Side Bow Sash
Side bows add a modern and elegant touch to any event. This video shows you how.

Rosette Sash

The rosette sash is the most difficult and time consuming, but it has a definite wow factor. Watch this video to learn how to tie the rosette sash.

Sash Embellishments

Adding embellishments is another way to step up your chair covers a notch. Use shells, flowers, broaches, or whatever your imagination desires.


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