Monday, October 21, 2013

Easy Tailgate Chandelier!

When tailgating around the SEC, you will see tons of chandeliers hung inside the most decorated tents. You could bring a crystal chandelier, or make your own from a brass chandelier. These would also be great for a wedding or other event!

Here are two fantastic tutorials we found on how to paint a brass chandelier. You can find an old brass chandelier at most thrift stores.
The Tall Chick also has a great post!

Don't worry if your chandelier doesn’t light up, it’s just for decoration. Good luck! Gig ‘Em!


Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Reserved Reception Seating

Many brides choose not to establish a formal seating arrangement at their wedding reception - and with good reason - one less thing on the list! However, there are many added benefits to reserving key spots of the reception venue for your VIP guests.

For a list of wedding reception seating ideas for the bride, groom, wedding party and family, visit Martha Stewart's Wedding Etiquette Adviser page.

If you choose to create a seating arrangement for your reception, do it in style! Carry your wedding theme through this element with these charming place card ideas:

{Kari & Brad} Married! Annapolis Maryland Wedding
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Friday, August 30, 2013

Kickoff the Season with a Great Tailgate!

It's that time again! Tomorrow marks the start of the 2013 Texas A&M football season! 

These handy tips will start you on your way to a tailgate touchdown! 

  1. Aggie decor is a must. Check out these simple crafts to add a little Aggie spirit to your setup. 

Fightin' Texas Aggie Football Schedule on chalkboard

2. Take advantage of small serving spaces with tiered trays and unique storage items.  

3. Create a simple themed centerpiece to add an eye-popping interest to your table.

4. Use food labels to help your guests with their food selection. 

5. Convert everyday items to serving dishes. 

6. Designate your tailgate with a creative banner that both looks great and helps your guests find your location. 

To see other great tailgating party ideas, visit:

Rather have someone do it all for you? Check out Details Party Rental's tailgate packages:

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Simple Cylinder Centerpieces

Clients ask us all the time for easy, inexpensive centerpiece ideas! These centerpieces all incorporate glass cylinder vases and could easily be done by anyone without knowledge of floral design!
This centerpiece includes a 24” tall, 14” tall and 10” tall cylinder. River rocks were placed in the bottom to anchor the tulip stems. Floating candles were placed at the top. The second centerpiece looks very modern! Iridescent gems were placed in the bottom of a 10” glass cylinder to anchor two mini callas. Two small floating candles added a special glow.

Love this grouping of glass cylinders. Use hot glue to secure satin ribbon around the top of the cylinder and attach a silk flower. You can find both of these items at your local craft store. We’ve found a lot of silk flowers in the scrapbooking section as well! Add water and a floating candle and voila! This would really make a statement on an entry table or food table.

Look in your pantry for inspiration! These centerpieces feature dried split peas and pinto beans as fillers. Other filler ideas include coffee beans, cotton, sand, crystals – the possibilities are endless!

It can't get much easier than this! Simply add rose petals (real or fake) to the bottom of the cylinder and top with a candle.

For more cylinder centerpiece ideas, visit our idea gallery at Details Party Rental also rents glass cylinders and mirrors and sells floating/pillar candles.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Tassel is Worth the Hassle!

As the 2013 school year comes to a close, the graduation festivities are soon to take off! Celebrate your grad's big day for less with these five handy tips to keep under your cap.

{Congrats 2013} Graduation Party Ideas!

1. Keep the food low-maintence, yet unique.

Rolled wafers make for delicious make-shift diplomas and a Reese's peanut butter cup paired with a square of chocolate can create the sweetest cap to any meal. 


   2. A simple photo booth setup will make the memories for you. 

By adding an effortless banner across a blank wall, you can create a fun photo booth for your grad to make the memories last. 
Check out a free banner printable here.

3. Stick to a theme to keep the party consistent

'Smart as a Cookie' or 'The Keys to Success' are two examples of a special and uniform theme to follow throughout your party-scaping. 

4. Leave the labeling work to Pinterest.

Search 'Graduation Printables' on Pinterest to find hassle-free printable labels for your food and favors. Find some 2013 printable labels here.


5. Create a decorative card box for an organized display. 

Leave a special space for your guests to leave cards and notes of advice for your grad. Create your own DIY Card Box today! 


Find your one stop shop for all things graduation on the Details Party Rental Website!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Spark Up Your Dance Floor!

Looking for that extra 'glowing' touch to vamp up your dance floor?  

Add a monogrammed or patterned lighting gobo to give your floor the perfect finishing touch! 
A 'gobo' is a go-between template that is placed in front of a light source to control the shape of emitted light. 

Details Party Rental offers both glass and metal gobos in a variety of colors. 

Glass gobos project crisp, clear images, but are more expensive than metal. 

Metal gobos are less expensive and work well for simple monograms.Most of our customers choose metal gobos.

A Few of our monogram selections:

A few of our patterned selections:

For a full list of gobo lighting and prices, please visit our lighting menu

Monday, April 8, 2013

How to Build the Perfect Candy Bar

Candy bars are a simple and sweet way to add a little color and a lot of fun to your event.

 Read on for tips on creating the perfect candy bar in just five simple steps.

1. Select different types and sizes of Apothecary jars

Apothecary jars are the perfect type of jar to use for a candy bar as they come in all kinds of delicate shapes and sizes, getting you just the diversity you are looking for.

See a complete list of Details Party Rental's apothecary jars here.

2.  Choose your candy selection

There are endless types of candies available in bulk to match the color schemes of your event. Refer to the table above for an idea of how much candy to buy to fill a 250 ml jar. 

3. Decide on a to-go bag style and label for your guests

Muslin Bags 3x4 Drawstring Unbleached (10 bags) 10 for $3.50 Bouquet garni bags  - Click to enlarge

Select a bag or cup for your guests to fill with candy. For a more distinguishable and fun look, use a stamp or label with the name of your event.

4. Select an accent piece or linen for display

Being a stand-out table, a candy bar may be a great opportunity to use an accent color linen or statement piece to draw attention to the area. 

5. Create a decorative banner or background

LOVE is SWEET Wedding Candy Bar Sign Burlap Banner

Banners and backgrounds will give your display depth and contour as the whole table comes together as a unique aspect of your event displays! 

Monday, March 25, 2013

A Favor to Savor

Wedding favors are the last impression your guests will have of your wedding celebration. However, finding a favor for your friends and family that is both distinct and inexpensive is hard to come by. Check out these favor ideas to leave your guests with a memorable keepsake from your special celebration that won't break the bank!

'Spread the Love' jam and honey jars, courtesy of Style Me Pretty

mints wedding favor
'Mint to Be' mint candies, courtesy of Clever Wedding Ideas

Mini succulent plants, courtesy of  The Plunge Project

'Olive our Love' olive oil, courtesy of Style Me Pretty

20 Burlap Wedding Favor Bags - The perfect blend - Personalized
'The Perfect Blend' coffee sack, Courtesy of Cottage Candies

'Match Made in Heaven' match box, courtesy of Be Spoke Bride

'Main Squeeze' lemonade mix, courtesy of Catch My Party