Sunday, May 29, 2011

Don't be late for your very important date!

Stressing about getting everything prepared for your wedding on time? No worries. This wedding timeline from Wedding Cram has EVERY detail figured out for you. Here are several of the biggest dates you should keep in mind!

12- 16 months before:
"Discuss & Choose the style and formality of your wedding. Pick what best suits your lifestyle, personalities and budget. There is no wrong choice. This is your day and you should make it your own." Browse through our linen inventory at consider different color inspirations.

8-10 months before:
Hire and book your wedding officiant, caterer, photographer, and DJ. Also choose your bridal party.

5-7 months before:
Start thinking about your honeymoon destination and make appropriate preparations.

2 months before:
"Select a location for your rehearsal dinner and make the necessary reservations & deposits." Remember, though the bride's family usually pays for the wedding, the groom's family is in charge of paying for the bill at your rehearsal dinner.

1 month before:
Visit your hairstylist and make-up artist to nail down your day-of look. This is a perfect time to have your bridal portraits done.

The day of the wedding:

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Using Fruit in Your Wedding

Fruit is the perfect accessory for any summer wedding. It is fun, fresh, and multi-faceted. Here are several of our favorite ways to incorporate fruit into your special day.

Browse our selection of artificial fruit at . This is a great alternative to the real thing and still has the same appeal.

If artificial isn't your thing, you can buy fresh fruit and flowers locally. Farm Patch Produce Market provides bulk product at a great price. Reach them at:
3519 South College Avenue, Bryan, TX 77801 or (979)822-7209 ‎

Who ever thought fruit could be so delicious? Serve fruit during cocktail hour, or use it in dessert!

These caramel apple favors are great favors!

Not only does fruit taste good, but it is beautiful as well! Whether in your centerpiece or as a name card, fruit has a unique look that serves as the perfect decorative element.

image via

Aggie Weddings that Don't Bleed Maroon

In the city of College Station, Texas there is no shortage of school spirit. It's no surprise that many Aggie couples want to express this pride as they profess their love. However, you don’t want to bleed maroon at the altar! (It would ruin the dress, after all.) Even though themed events can be beautiful, an over emphasized subject matter is not for everyone. Here are our suggestions on how to create a lovely wedding that incorporates "I Do's" and hullabaloos!

Let guests know about your upcoming union with a save the date card (especially if many guests will need to travel or the wedding is on a holiday weekend)! If you choose to skip this option, invitations are a must. Either of these announcements would be the perfect opportunity to share a photo of you and your man "marooned out." You could also show a romantic picture under the Century Tree or near the pillars of the Administration Building!

image via Christine Tremoulet Photography

The ceremony should remain a special moment, (“No, Reveille cannot be our flower girl”) but pops of maroon would maintain your overall theme. A striking bouquet of burgundy, ties of maroon, and pomanders of this shade decorating the aisle, like these from, will tie everything together.

The reception is your time to let loose and celebrate! (“No, we aren’t having yell practice instead of our first dance.”) BRIDES magazine suggests that if your man absolutely cannot go without his favorite team on the big day, have your wait staff cater to your party in jerseys. The playful idea is reminiscent of your theme, but not too dramatic. This Aggie garter from helps you show spirit in a discrete way!

Many bakeries here in town will even create an Aggie Ring, Bonfire, or Aggie-themed groom's cake!

On the other hand, we still appreciate those Ag events that don't lack any 12th man spirit! Did you know you can even get married on Kyle Field and rent out the Zone Club for your reception? WHOOP! Contact the Zone Club at 979-862-5378 for more information.

Congratulations on your Aggie wedding! We hope these tips help you enjoy a slight dose of maroon, even if it is only 2%!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Table Entertainment

As guests dance the night away at your marvelous event, it is no surprise that their partyin' shoes might need a rest every once and a while! Providing small games at each table in your reception is a great way to keep guests entertained and having fun, even if they aren't joining you for the cha-cha slide. These are also fun for the little ones who still don't know what the "macarena" is. Here are several options to keep the party going, on or off the floor!

Jenga is a lively pastime that is suitable for 2, or unlimited guests! Anyone can join in on this fun puzzle. Image via Heather Neckers Photography.

Tic Tac Toe is a classic that anyone can play! Whether using penciled-in Xs and Os, or skittles from the candy buffet, friends and family are sure to enjoy this one. You can send them home as favors, like these ones from, or make your own!

Word Searches won't include as many guests, but will still intrigue them! You can even create your own at!

I Spy is suspenseful and silly! Customize this game, like The Knot did here, to your own event! Looking for the "cutest older couple" and a "sweet little smile" will keep guests on their toes. Providing disposable cameras to friends and family on this scavenger hunt could result in some captured moments your photographer might have missed!

Whether in a group or on their own, guests will love these table entertainment ideas!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Colorful Spring Wedding

We had the pleasure of renting wedding decor to a lovely couple recently. Karen met with Details about a year before her ceremony to start planning her wedding to Jesse. The couple wanted to create a fun atmosphere and chose a bright color scheme of lime, orange, and pink.

Guests were welcomed by a trail of hearts telling of the couple's love story as they entered the Brazos Center.

Guests were asked to hang a message of endearment on the entry tree for the couple to read later and save as a memento of their big day!

The venue doubled as the ceremony and reception location.

From the linens to each centerpiece, Details enjoyed providing the bride and groom with decorations to make their special day even brighter!

The couple thought of every detail by including personalized decorative elements.

Waiting at the end of the aisle was a set of glass vases to set an intimate mood for the vows.

The blushing bride's bouquet was beautifully in bloom!

After the ceremony, pink up-lighting set the mood for dancing and mingling.

The bride's cake incorporated the color scheme of the other decorations. Karen based the groom's cake around the Jesse's love of watching movies.

The couple waved goodbye as they walked through a tunnel of sparklers.

Thank you to Darcy Lindsey at Ritz Camera and Fabulous Fare for providing the beautiful cakes.

"Working with Details was wonderful! They are easy to work with and their sense of style is unmistakable. If they didn't have what I needed, they found it immediately. I didn't really know what I wanted when I sat down to meet with them, but it soon became apparent I was in good hands. My wedding and reception was absolutely beautiful with their help. It truly is all in the Details!"

-K. Jamison

Best wishes to the happy couple!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

When One Door Closes...

After graduation, it's time to celebrate! Finding a way to reward grads on this momentous day is not always easy, but having grad party guests leave behind words of wisdom and congratulations is a special way for the grad to begin their new journey in life.

There is always the stuffed autograph dog that is very easy for all guests to sign and leave a message on, but there are size limitations on how much each party goer can write. And honestly, Rover or Spike might end up tearing it up one day! This is a classic example from Oriental Trading.

Guest books solve the size issue, but unless you are a scrapbooker, they don't add a very personal touch! I like how Aisle Dash added Polaroids in the grad's book.

Framing your grad's favorite picture is a special way to characterize their collegiate journey! Guests can leave longer messages and memories on the mat. American Bridal provides a silver mat that you can engrave messages into!

If you are looking for something short and sweet, customize M&Ms! These sweet treats have a small message with big taste. You can even put the guest-of-honor's photo right on the candy! Go to for more details.

My favorite idea for remembering your grad's journey is by creating a time capsule. Have each guest bring a note, picture, or small trinket that they can drop in. Mixed CDs and newspaper clippings are also great! Whether in a shoe box, or this decorative paint bucket from, sweet memories are sure to be treasured.

When one door closes, another opens! After graduation, help your grad celebrate by preserving some of their favorite memories.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Summer Entertaining Tips

When warm weather arrives, move the party outdoors! Try these simple entertaining tips to host a sizzling party.

Create a Relaxing Vibe

Make sure there is plenty of seating for guests to relax. Create seating arrangements that encourage guests to talk to each other. Usually round seating arrangements work best since guests are facing each other. Play music at a low level where people can still hear each other talk, especially if they will be seated near the music. Details rents chairs for $1.20 each!

Provide Proper Coverage
Turn your backyard into your favorite new room! A canopy or umbrella provides shade while also helping to define your outdoor dining space. Choose one that is easy to attach, adjust and offers plenty of coverage.

Bug Off!
Keep the bugs away with fans and citronella candles. You can also provide bug spray for guests to put on if they forgot their own. Get food covers or lids to keep flies away from the food.

Serve Cool Food & Drinks
No one wants a stuffy sit down dinner in the summer. A buffet style serving line works best. Make sure to keep condiments cold. Try putting them on ice using simple dishes you have around the house. Make sure you have plenty of drinks available as well.

Dress Up a Casual Table
Lay an inexpensive sheet of butcher or craft paper across a table for a casual look. Don’t forget to get some table clips or weights to hold down the tablecloth since it tends to be windy in the summer. Try simple centerpieces such as these. These can be made with things you have around your house or can find easily at a local supermarket or craft store. Put plastic flatware in sand pails for a colorful, cute display.