Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fourth of July Party Ideas

Have your friends and family over for a Fourth of July celebration. Use these easy, DIY decorations to add some red, white and blue to your festivities.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Themed Rehearsal Dinner

Get creative with your rehearsal dinner by picking a meaningful theme. Rehearsal dinners should be fun and give your wedding party a chance to meet each other. Here are some of our favorite ideas:

Mexican Fiesta: Get engaged in Mexico? Have a fiesta-themed dinner with fajitas, bright colors and pictures from your trip. Host the dinner at the restaurant where you had your first date. This could also work if you’re going to Mexico for your honeymoon or you have a
Hispanic background.

Texas BBQ: The casual atmosphere of a BBQ cookout is a nice break from tomorrow’s formal wedding. Get relatives to make their favorite cookout treats such as coleslaw and
baked beans. You can come up with neat ways to decorate the serving table and display condiments. Think gingham, galvanized buckets, wildflowers and mason jars. A themed rehearsal dinner that showcases the city where you’re getting married is a nice treat for out-of-town guests. Don’t forget citronella candles and bug spray to keep the mosquitoes away.

Tropical Theme: Headed to the beach for your honeymoon? Transform your dinner into your destination by hanging hammocks from trees in your backyard, serving dinner buffet-style on long surfboards and blending pina coladas and margaritas. Play Jimmy Buffet and the Beach Boys in the background. For fun favor ideas, try personalized messages in glass bottles, flip-flops, or wet bikini bags.

Chinese Theme- If you love Chinese food, host an oriental-themed dinner. Hang lanterns from the ceiling, teach guests how to fold origami and wrap favors in Chinese food take-out boxes. Serve egg rolls, rice and fortune cookies and give guests chopsticks to eat with.

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Personalize Your Wedding

Memorable weddings showcase your personality and involve your guests. Personal touches make guests feel like they witnessed two people in love at a wedding “that was so you”. Honor special guests, such as parents and the wedding party, and make sure that everyone feels like an important part of your celebration.Consider a theme that is meaningful to you. Incorporate this theme with the invitation, reception d├ęcor, favors, music, cuisine, or attire. For example, two writers used stacked hard-cover books for centerpieces, read their favorite poems at the ceremony, designed the invitation like a book, and gave bookmarks as favors.

Most guests know one of you really well, but not the other. In the program, tell guests how you met; your something borrowed something blue; how you know the wedding party; or why you chose this ceremony location. Write a letter to each other if the thought of saying your own vows is overwhelming. Guests will also enjoy having something to read while waiting for the ceremony to start.
Create a web site that not only lists important wedding details, but also tells your love story. Enclose cards with your web address in your invitations.

Tie your grandmother’s wedding ring or fabric from your mother’s wedding dress to your bouquet.
Create a slideshow of pictures to play in the background, show a video at your rehearsal dinner, or display your parent’s wedding pictures on your cake table. Include the guests in your pictures to make them feel included.
Instead of numbering your tables, name them for your favorite spots in the city, places you both enjoy, or great movies you have seen together — something meaningful to you. Decorate the groom’s cake table to reflect his interests.

Crossword puzzles are so fun. Create crossword puzzles using clues about each other for free at Place a puzzle in each chair and give a prize to the first guest to finish. This will also get your guests talking to each other!

If you love cherry cokes, set up a table and let guests pour their own colas. If you can’t resist popcorn, have a popcorn buffet. Your guests will love these unique treats!

Have the DJ play a good oldie’s song and invite all of the married couples to the dance floor. Then, the DJ asks couples to leave until the couple who’s been married the longest is left. Ask them for their best marriage advice.
Incorporating personal touches and involving your guests will make your wedding stand out from the rest!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Got a sweet tooth? Candy buffets are great party favors!

Candy buffets are a hit at any wedding or party! They are so much fun and sure to get your guests mingling. Try old-fashioned candy, match the candy to your party’s color scheme, or pick your all-time favorite candies!

Many people underestimate the amount of candy needed to fill up the containers. One way to make a big impact without spending too much on candy is to sit the containers on boxes draped with fabric. This gives the illusion that the containers are bigger, while saving you money on candy!

The bags that you put out determine how much candy each guest will get. Use small bags if you don’t have tons of candy. If there are going to be a lot of children at the reception, be cautious when using glass apothecary jars with lids.

You are going to spend more money on a color-coordinated candy buffet than if you use multiple colors. To save money, go with a color palate such as bright colors, neutrals or pastels.

Add ribbons and labels to match your wedding colors. This is the fun part and there are endless ways to dress up the jars!

A new twist on the candy buffet is to use popcorn, trail mix, baked potato or ice cream sundae toppings to fill the containers. To get more candy buffet ideas, visit