Friday, March 25, 2011

Aggie Weddings that Don't Bleed Maroon

In the city of College Station, Texas there is no shortage of school spirit. It's no surprise that many Aggie couples want to express this pride as they profess their love. However, you don’t want to bleed maroon at the altar! (It would ruin the dress, after all.) Even though themed events can be beautiful, an over emphasized subject matter is not for everyone. Here are our suggestions on how to create a lovely wedding that incorporates "I Do's" and hullabaloos!

Let guests know about your upcoming union with a save the date card (especially if many guests will need to travel or the wedding is on a holiday weekend)! If you choose to skip this option, invitations are a must. Either of these announcements would be the perfect opportunity to share a photo of you and your man "marooned out." You could also show a romantic picture under the Century Tree or near the pillars of the Administration Building!

image via Christine Tremoulet Photography

The ceremony should remain a special moment, (“No, Reveille cannot be our flower girl”) but pops of maroon would maintain your overall theme. A striking bouquet of burgundy, ties of maroon, and pomanders of this shade decorating the aisle, like these from, will tie everything together.

The reception is your time to let loose and celebrate! (“No, we aren’t having yell practice instead of our first dance.”) BRIDES magazine suggests that if your man absolutely cannot go without his favorite team on the big day, have your wait staff cater to your party in jerseys. The playful idea is reminiscent of your theme, but not too dramatic. This Aggie garter from helps you show spirit in a discrete way!

Many bakeries here in town will even create an Aggie Ring, Bonfire, or Aggie-themed groom's cake!

On the other hand, we still appreciate those Ag events that don't lack any 12th man spirit! Did you know you can even get married on Kyle Field and rent out the Zone Club for your reception? WHOOP! Contact the Zone Club at 979-862-5378 for more information.

Congratulations on your Aggie wedding! We hope these tips help you enjoy a slight dose of maroon, even if it is only 2%!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Come Visit Details at the Bridal Showcase this Sunday

We are very excited to be taking part in the Best Western Bridal Showcase this Sunday, March 27th! Doors are open from 2:00- 6:00 PM for guests to browse a variety of vendors from the Brazos Valley. The best part? Admission is free! We look forward to seeing you there!

Best Western Atrea at Old Town Center:

1920 Austin's Colony Parkway

Bryan, TX 77802


We have really enjoyed preparing for the showcase's peacock theme by designing around a palette of plum, violet, and of course- peacock feathers! This majestic bird's rich colors offer endless options for any aspect of your event. From the cake to attire, here are some ideas from peacock-themed events we liked best.

boutonniere: Jeff Greenough, invitations: Izzy & the Bean Design and Etsy, cake: Signature Cakes by Vicki, headband: Hollywood Glitz

Come find out about our new tables, chairs and fabrics while you are visiting Details this Sunday at the showcase!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Customized Lounge

As a new trend in events, the lounge not only offers an intimate place for friends and family to socialize while taking a break from the dance floor, but this comfy corner gives guests an area to really kick back and relax. You don’t necessarily have to create a nightclub hideaway (unless you want to!); just several pieces that form a warm area for friends. There are so many
options to choose from while designing your lounge that you are guaranteed to achieve a customized look for any event scheme. Here are some of our favorite ideas:

Having your wedding on the beach is the epitome of casual couture. With waves rolling as the music plays, guests will love the lounge area you have created. The color, mood, and style of your wedding will have strong influence on your choices, but I love the look of canvas-covered couches and ottomans to encourage camaraderie. This look can be easily re-created at IKEA (love their prices!) on any scale.

If your vintage wedding reception is being held outdoors, wingback armchairs and chaise lounges will certainly add whimsy. If grandpa is willing to loan you his favorite recliner for the weekend, you won’t need to spend any money! You may uncover a unique piece at an antique shop, if you are willing to spend a little time sprucing up your find.

When your western wedding dancing partners get a little too rowdy, they will need a place to kick off their boots. Hay bales arranged in a fun lounge would be the perfect place to rest their Wranglers. Throw a quilt on the bales and get to relaxin’! This picture comes to us from

All of these suggestions could be great at any event so don’t be afraid to play around with design. Have fun lovin’ and loungin’!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sweets, Eats, Treats

After your friends and family witness your meaningful moment, they will have worked up a healthy appetite! By the time the reception rolls around, they will be ready for a little refreshment. Here are several creative ways to feed your guests:

Cakes are so delicious, but if you want to forgo the classic, try a new twist on the idea with a selection of cupcakes! With cupcakes, you have the chance to offer your friends and family a larger assortment of flavors. Also, these tiny treats are the perfect serving size, no messy cutting necessary!

Want to be even more daring? Try a candy bar at your ceremony. We love this purple candy bar from Red Lotus Photography! The endless color, texture and flavor options are sure to satisfy your color scheme and guests’ appetites! Or add an ice cream sundae bar for your guests who have an extra sweet tooth!

This cupcake mold from is such a great idea!

You, your man, and your friends will walk away satisfied!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Unconventional Centerpieces

Looking for something a little out of the ordinary to flank your table design? Vases and flowers are always beautiful, but try one of these unconventional centerpieces to spice up your classic tablescape!

Even if you aren’t having a wine-themed wedding, wine bottles are a great option for your table’s main attraction. Not only are they interesting conversation pieces, but they can also act as a vase, table marker, or both! The best part about using wine bottles is you wouldn’t need to spend any money. As soon as your honey gets down on one knee, start saving! It’s a great excuse to have your girlfriends over for cocktail hour.

Do you and your special someone share a love of reading? Try using a stack of your favorite books at the center of your table. You can even customize the books especially for your event. Having a baby shower? Children’s books are sweet and whimsical. What about a Halloween Bash? Murder mysteries can add the extra thrill factor. The options are endless! Even if you aren’t a huge fan of literature; old, worn books can add a vintage touch to any reception. I especially love the picture from erin mcfarland photography.

A new trend in events is vases wrapped in fabric. This is a great idea because you could save money on the vases, but make them more exciting with a fabric that parallels your event design. Rent a variety of vases for little money, then choose fabrics of the same color palette to unite your look. and The Bride’s Cafe had some great ideas for this!

All of these ideas are budget friendly, but don’t skimp on style!

Monday, March 7, 2011

DIY Pomander Balls

Appropriate for nearly any occasion, pomander balls are not only beautiful, but easy to make as well! If you need multiple balls for your event, it can be a bit pricy, so follow these simple steps to create your own.

1) Select a full, textural, symmetrical flower. I suggest a dahlia, peony, or carnation. Roses work well for a classic look, too. Keep in mind that any flower will look beautiful! (You can even use tissue paper to add extra whimsy!)

2) Use a foam ball as your base- the size of your preference!

3) Lightly soak your foam ball in water before applying flowers so each bud will get a small drink before the big event!

4) If you will be hanging your pomander ball (on the back of a chair, or carried by a flower girl, for instance), tie a ribbon around the foam ball before you attach any flowers. Refer to the video below for detailed instructions on tying your ribbon.

5) Cut the stems of your flowers at an appropriate length so they are long enough to root themselves in the foam.

6) Place each individual flower an equal distance apart on your foam ball. You can choose how tightly placed you want your flowers to be.

7) If your flowers aren’t sitting well in the foam, your stems may be too long. No problem! Just trim the ends a bit.

8) After the foam ball is completely filled, you can add smaller accent flowers for variety, or leave it as is for a uniform look.

NOTE: Don't be afraid to use flowers of various styles, colors, and textures if you want a different look for your pomander ball. You can even add a pearl or rhinestone at the center of each flower for a little extra glamour.

Once you have completed your pomander ball, there are several options you have for display. You can hang it on the back of a chair, suspend it from a centerpiece, give it to your flower girl to carry, float it in
a pond at the reception, or place it on a candlestick or vase as the star of your table!

Here is a helpful video from

COST: A 6" floral foam ball retails at approximately $5. A yard of ribbon shouldn't cost you any more than $2. You can find both these items at any craft store. A dozen roses will cost you about $10-$15 at your local grocer's. All in all, one pomander ball should cost you about $20. What a great deal!

Have fun creating your very own stylish pomander balls!