Thursday, March 17, 2011

Customized Lounge

As a new trend in events, the lounge not only offers an intimate place for friends and family to socialize while taking a break from the dance floor, but this comfy corner gives guests an area to really kick back and relax. You don’t necessarily have to create a nightclub hideaway (unless you want to!); just several pieces that form a warm area for friends. There are so many
options to choose from while designing your lounge that you are guaranteed to achieve a customized look for any event scheme. Here are some of our favorite ideas:

Having your wedding on the beach is the epitome of casual couture. With waves rolling as the music plays, guests will love the lounge area you have created. The color, mood, and style of your wedding will have strong influence on your choices, but I love the look of canvas-covered couches and ottomans to encourage camaraderie. This look can be easily re-created at IKEA (love their prices!) on any scale.

If your vintage wedding reception is being held outdoors, wingback armchairs and chaise lounges will certainly add whimsy. If grandpa is willing to loan you his favorite recliner for the weekend, you won’t need to spend any money! You may uncover a unique piece at an antique shop, if you are willing to spend a little time sprucing up your find.

When your western wedding dancing partners get a little too rowdy, they will need a place to kick off their boots. Hay bales arranged in a fun lounge would be the perfect place to rest their Wranglers. Throw a quilt on the bales and get to relaxin’! This picture comes to us from

All of these suggestions could be great at any event so don’t be afraid to play around with design. Have fun lovin’ and loungin’!

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