Monday, March 7, 2011

DIY Pomander Balls

Appropriate for nearly any occasion, pomander balls are not only beautiful, but easy to make as well! If you need multiple balls for your event, it can be a bit pricy, so follow these simple steps to create your own.

1) Select a full, textural, symmetrical flower. I suggest a dahlia, peony, or carnation. Roses work well for a classic look, too. Keep in mind that any flower will look beautiful! (You can even use tissue paper to add extra whimsy!)

2) Use a foam ball as your base- the size of your preference!

3) Lightly soak your foam ball in water before applying flowers so each bud will get a small drink before the big event!

4) If you will be hanging your pomander ball (on the back of a chair, or carried by a flower girl, for instance), tie a ribbon around the foam ball before you attach any flowers. Refer to the video below for detailed instructions on tying your ribbon.

5) Cut the stems of your flowers at an appropriate length so they are long enough to root themselves in the foam.

6) Place each individual flower an equal distance apart on your foam ball. You can choose how tightly placed you want your flowers to be.

7) If your flowers aren’t sitting well in the foam, your stems may be too long. No problem! Just trim the ends a bit.

8) After the foam ball is completely filled, you can add smaller accent flowers for variety, or leave it as is for a uniform look.

NOTE: Don't be afraid to use flowers of various styles, colors, and textures if you want a different look for your pomander ball. You can even add a pearl or rhinestone at the center of each flower for a little extra glamour.

Once you have completed your pomander ball, there are several options you have for display. You can hang it on the back of a chair, suspend it from a centerpiece, give it to your flower girl to carry, float it in
a pond at the reception, or place it on a candlestick or vase as the star of your table!

Here is a helpful video from

COST: A 6" floral foam ball retails at approximately $5. A yard of ribbon shouldn't cost you any more than $2. You can find both these items at any craft store. A dozen roses will cost you about $10-$15 at your local grocer's. All in all, one pomander ball should cost you about $20. What a great deal!

Have fun creating your very own stylish pomander balls!

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  1. Thanks for posting the tutorial. Lots of great ideas! :)