Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Summer Entertaining Tips

When warm weather arrives, move the party outdoors! Try these simple entertaining tips to host a sizzling party.

Create a Relaxing Vibe

Make sure there is plenty of seating for guests to relax. Create seating arrangements that encourage guests to talk to each other. Usually round seating arrangements work best since guests are facing each other. Play music at a low level where people can still hear each other talk, especially if they will be seated near the music. Details rents chairs for $1.20 each!

Provide Proper Coverage
Turn your backyard into your favorite new room! A canopy or umbrella provides shade while also helping to define your outdoor dining space. Choose one that is easy to attach, adjust and offers plenty of coverage.

Bug Off!
Keep the bugs away with fans and citronella candles. You can also provide bug spray for guests to put on if they forgot their own. Get food covers or lids to keep flies away from the food.

Serve Cool Food & Drinks
No one wants a stuffy sit down dinner in the summer. A buffet style serving line works best. Make sure to keep condiments cold. Try putting them on ice using simple dishes you have around the house. Make sure you have plenty of drinks available as well.

Dress Up a Casual Table
Lay an inexpensive sheet of butcher or craft paper across a table for a casual look. Don’t forget to get some table clips or weights to hold down the tablecloth since it tends to be windy in the summer. Try simple centerpieces such as these. These can be made with things you have around your house or can find easily at a local supermarket or craft store. Put plastic flatware in sand pails for a colorful, cute display.

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