Friday, May 20, 2011

Table Entertainment

As guests dance the night away at your marvelous event, it is no surprise that their partyin' shoes might need a rest every once and a while! Providing small games at each table in your reception is a great way to keep guests entertained and having fun, even if they aren't joining you for the cha-cha slide. These are also fun for the little ones who still don't know what the "macarena" is. Here are several options to keep the party going, on or off the floor!

Jenga is a lively pastime that is suitable for 2, or unlimited guests! Anyone can join in on this fun puzzle. Image via Heather Neckers Photography.

Tic Tac Toe is a classic that anyone can play! Whether using penciled-in Xs and Os, or skittles from the candy buffet, friends and family are sure to enjoy this one. You can send them home as favors, like these ones from, or make your own!

Word Searches won't include as many guests, but will still intrigue them! You can even create your own at!

I Spy is suspenseful and silly! Customize this game, like The Knot did here, to your own event! Looking for the "cutest older couple" and a "sweet little smile" will keep guests on their toes. Providing disposable cameras to friends and family on this scavenger hunt could result in some captured moments your photographer might have missed!

Whether in a group or on their own, guests will love these table entertainment ideas!

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