Thursday, May 12, 2011

When One Door Closes...

After graduation, it's time to celebrate! Finding a way to reward grads on this momentous day is not always easy, but having grad party guests leave behind words of wisdom and congratulations is a special way for the grad to begin their new journey in life.

There is always the stuffed autograph dog that is very easy for all guests to sign and leave a message on, but there are size limitations on how much each party goer can write. And honestly, Rover or Spike might end up tearing it up one day! This is a classic example from Oriental Trading.

Guest books solve the size issue, but unless you are a scrapbooker, they don't add a very personal touch! I like how Aisle Dash added Polaroids in the grad's book.

Framing your grad's favorite picture is a special way to characterize their collegiate journey! Guests can leave longer messages and memories on the mat. American Bridal provides a silver mat that you can engrave messages into!

If you are looking for something short and sweet, customize M&Ms! These sweet treats have a small message with big taste. You can even put the guest-of-honor's photo right on the candy! Go to for more details.

My favorite idea for remembering your grad's journey is by creating a time capsule. Have each guest bring a note, picture, or small trinket that they can drop in. Mixed CDs and newspaper clippings are also great! Whether in a shoe box, or this decorative paint bucket from, sweet memories are sure to be treasured.

When one door closes, another opens! After graduation, help your grad celebrate by preserving some of their favorite memories.

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