Sunday, April 24, 2011

Bouquet Beauties

Your bouquet is an essential part of the big day. Next to your lovely face, it is the things people will be looking at most- literally! It is important to characterize this bunch to represent YOU. Here are five flowers that frequent bouquets, and several other ideas to spruce up this handful of flowers!

Keep in mind that each flower blooms best in a specific season. Talk to your florist about availability as this may effect pricing.

1) Calla Lily. This structured beauty is a common bud in bouquets. It blooms best in summer and is available in a wide range of colors.

2) Rose. This classic stunner is regal distinguished. Consider the different varieties of size and count on the fullest bloom in autumn. Roses can be dyed to match almost any color.

3) Peony. Symmetrical, full and fun, this is my personal favorite! The flirtatious flower is a spring bud available in countless hues.

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4) Hydrangea. Known for it's soft, cool hues, this bloom is surprisingly a summer bud! This is beautiful by itself or can be paired with another flower for size or texture variety.

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5) Tulip. The tulip is a spring staple! Though there is little fluctuation in structure, the color options are endless.

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Whether it is classic, cascade, or pomander, there are several different ways to arrange the flowers in your bouquet. In addition, consider these options for a little extra decorative touch!

Classic Cascade Pomander

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Ask your florist to add a rhinestone or pearl to the center of each of your flowers if you're looking for that extra bling!

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Recently, I had a friend come to me with a problem. She was next in line to wear her family's heirloom locket. As her wedding approached, she admitted there was no room for the GOLD locket in her SILVER wedding. What was a girl to do? I suggested having her florist wrap the keepsake around her bouquet. This way, the tradition was held dear, but didn't clash with the decor! I tied my late grandmother's wedding ring into my bouquet to make her a special part of my day.

Make your bouquet as special as you are!

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