Sunday, April 17, 2011

Easter Eggs to DYE for!

Easter eggs are one of the most iconic items associated with this spring holiday. Not only are they fun to decorate, but when used as your centerpiece, they can be anything from a conversation starter to a stylish statement! Here are five new decorating twists on the traditional dyed egg. All these ideas are to DYE for!

Before you dive into your decorating adventure, don't forget to hard boil your eggs!

1) Chalkboard Eggs. It's as easy as this: paint your egg with chalkboard paint, wait to dry, and draw away! Rustoleum makes Chalkboard Spray Paint for $3- found at your local home improvement store. 2) Mosaic Eggs. You will need a little patience, but you won't be disappointed with this beauty. Dye several eggs a few of your favorite colors. Break these shells into pieces and set aside. Now dye one egg (or leave it white) the color of your choice. Paint all-purpose glue onto your base egg and place a piece of your cracked shell on this spot. Be creative with colors and patterns! Decoration by Cheryl Ball. 3) Paper Mache Eggs. The options are limitless when it comes to the variety of paper and fabric to be used on this project! To view a full tutorial, visit: Kiki Creates 4) Paint Splatter Eggs. After dying an egg the color of your choice, dip an old toothbrush in paint and bend the bristles so the paint splatters on the egg's shell.

5) Silhouette Eggs. Hostess with the Mostess offers the coolest tutorial for this unique method of egg decorating: Hostess with the Mostess Have fun decorating your EGGSellent creations!

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