Monday, April 8, 2013

How to Build the Perfect Candy Bar

Candy bars are a simple and sweet way to add a little color and a lot of fun to your event.

 Read on for tips on creating the perfect candy bar in just five simple steps.

1. Select different types and sizes of Apothecary jars

Apothecary jars are the perfect type of jar to use for a candy bar as they come in all kinds of delicate shapes and sizes, getting you just the diversity you are looking for.

See a complete list of Details Party Rental's apothecary jars here.

2.  Choose your candy selection

There are endless types of candies available in bulk to match the color schemes of your event. Refer to the table above for an idea of how much candy to buy to fill a 250 ml jar. 

3. Decide on a to-go bag style and label for your guests

Muslin Bags 3x4 Drawstring Unbleached (10 bags) 10 for $3.50 Bouquet garni bags  - Click to enlarge

Select a bag or cup for your guests to fill with candy. For a more distinguishable and fun look, use a stamp or label with the name of your event.

4. Select an accent piece or linen for display

Being a stand-out table, a candy bar may be a great opportunity to use an accent color linen or statement piece to draw attention to the area. 

5. Create a decorative banner or background

LOVE is SWEET Wedding Candy Bar Sign Burlap Banner

Banners and backgrounds will give your display depth and contour as the whole table comes together as a unique aspect of your event displays! 

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