Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Tassel is Worth the Hassle!

As the 2013 school year comes to a close, the graduation festivities are soon to take off! Celebrate your grad's big day for less with these five handy tips to keep under your cap.

{Congrats 2013} Graduation Party Ideas!

1. Keep the food low-maintence, yet unique.

Rolled wafers make for delicious make-shift diplomas and a Reese's peanut butter cup paired with a square of chocolate can create the sweetest cap to any meal. 


   2. A simple photo booth setup will make the memories for you. 

By adding an effortless banner across a blank wall, you can create a fun photo booth for your grad to make the memories last. 
Check out a free banner printable here.

3. Stick to a theme to keep the party consistent

'Smart as a Cookie' or 'The Keys to Success' are two examples of a special and uniform theme to follow throughout your party-scaping. 

4. Leave the labeling work to Pinterest.

Search 'Graduation Printables' on Pinterest to find hassle-free printable labels for your food and favors. Find some 2013 printable labels here.


5. Create a decorative card box for an organized display. 

Leave a special space for your guests to leave cards and notes of advice for your grad. Create your own DIY Card Box today! 


Find your one stop shop for all things graduation on the Details Party Rental Website!


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