Wednesday, October 19, 2011

5 tips for wedding dance floors - what you should know!

It may be easy to forget about the dance floor as you groove the night away, but these five tricks and tips will make you wanna polish your dancin' shoes!

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1) Have you checked with your venue to see whether they will supply a dance floor? If not, don't take off your blue suede shoes just yet! Check out Details' dance floor options here. Our dance floor prices are the lowest in town and the price includes installation.

Morgan Trinker

2) Especially for carpeted areas, it is important to lay a floor down for safety reasons. When your cousin wears her five inch heels and has had one cocktail too many, a solid surface will help her keep dancin'!

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3) Like carpeted areas, outdoor receptions call for the same security!

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4) Dance floors do NOT have to be plain and dull. Look at what these couples did to personalize their center stage. Lighting can make your dance floor pop.

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5) Dance floors serve as the center of your event. Make sure you keep the party going and highlight this area.

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