Sunday, January 8, 2012

This or that: Wedding favors

It is a must to send your guests home with wedding favors, but you don't always need to splurge! We've compared several popular favors with a more saving-savvy option. These favors will have the same effect on your friends and family, but less of an effect on your wallet.

Rather than giving your guests their own gumball machine, personalized bags still have the same POP and are easy to put together yourself!

gumball machine via: MyWeddingFavors

While giving friends their own bottle of wine may be impressive, corkscrews are practical!

Aluminum drink canisters are great gifts, but personalized water bottles are inexpensive and perfect for thirsty guests!

aluminum via: Do You Need a Favor?, water bottles via: MyWeddingFavors

Elaborate candle holders are beautiful, but might not be the best for every bride's budget. A simple pair of candlesticks will stun!

sticks: Martha Stewart Weddings

Having a beach wedding? You don't need to shell out for the favors! Sterling silver favors are thoughtful, but why not string some shells to make your guests ornaments?

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