Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cocktail Table Linen Ideas

We recently added cocktail tables to our inventory and wanted to share different ways you can put tablecloths on these fun tables. You can try to match the rest of your event decor or go wild with a different theme for the cocktail area.

To create this look, all you need is a 120" round tablecloth.

This look is very easy to create. You just need a 120" Round tablecloth and a chair sash. The chair sash is tied in a single knot almost halfway down the table. Both of these fabrics are polyester, which is inexpensive and comes in tons of colors.

This look was created by wrapping a chair sash around the center and then tying it in a bow. We love these colors together. Go bold with big patterns!

This look was created by wrapping a sash around the tablecloth and then hiding the tails. Make sure you bring some safety pins to secure the tails.

The layered look includes a 120" round tablecloth and a 54" square topper.

Our spandex tablecloths are very popular. The spandex comes in white or black. If you want to add color, spandex table caps are available in a variety of colors.

Another easy idea is to attach a table runner or table valance around the top of the table to add some texture.


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  2. I agree that spandex table covers are very popular . This kind of cloth will create a modern and sophisticated look for any event.