Monday, July 18, 2011

"What should I do to the ceiling at my wedding?"

In my days working at a wedding venue, a lot of brides had trouble deciding what to do with the ceiling. I hope this post will take your wedding wow factor from floor to ceiling.

Instead of trying to decorate the whole ceiling, just focus on a smaller area like over the dance floor, entry way or guest tables.

These Christmas balls make a big impact when draped above banquet tables. Use thread instead of fishing wire to hang the balls. Fishing line is too light for the balls and tends to curl up since it’s been wrapped in a spool. Depending on the ceiling, you may need to hang a grid to tie your ornaments to. We rent ceiling hooks for $0.50each. These hooks attach to grid ceilings and hold up to 15 pounds. Use chain from your local hardware store to hang the grid.

We hung these pink chandeliers in between each guest table. The chandelier tiers were made from different sized wire wreath frames. We used floral wire to attach artificial flowers to the rings. On the day of the wedding, we hung fresh flowers from ribbon to add dimension and height. Because the chandeliers were hung overhead, guests will assume all of the flowers are real.

We also draped the ceiling with some fabric we found at a store in Dallas. We hung rods from the ceiling and sewed a pocket in the edge of the fabric. We spray painted a garage-sale chandelier black plugged the chandelier into the ceiling. We draped Christmas lights between the panels of fabric to create a starry atmosphere over the dance floor.

Draping a ceiling with fabric can make an over-sized room seem cozier and less overwhelming.

Martha Stewart made tissue paper pom-poms super popular! They are easy to make and can be used everywhere. Watch this video tutorial to learn how to make them.

Paper Lanterns are always fun! Details Event & Party Rental rents all sizes and colors of lanterns for cheaper than you can buy them. Most of our customers don’t actually put a light in the lanterns.

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