Monday, December 13, 2010

DIY Table Lamp Centerpiece

A few issues in addition to budget constraints: the “lamps” needed to be cordless AND very tall in order to have a dramatic effect on the tent space, and also to ensure that the lamp shades don't get in the way of guests having conversations.

So… Ikea to the rescue, as usual! You can get one of two styles of big white lamp shades for the tops ($6-9 each) and tall Blomster floor block candle holders ($20 each) to act as the sturdy base (they’re heavy!). Then, you can create “pull cords” for the lamps using beading and attaching pendants at the bottom..

Of course one of the most important things for a lamp to do is to give off some light, and that was one of the trickiest parts! You can use battery-operated LED lights that are usually used for paper lanterns & set these in small clear glass cylinder vases at the top of the candle holder. The cylinder vases were secured so the candle holder with 3D glue dots and hidden by the lamp shade. These gave off just the right amount of “mood lighting” for a night time cocktail party!.


Budget - About $40 per centerpiece for 8 of these tall guys, and all of the elements are completely reusable!
P.S. These lamps & cocktail table linens are 100% stark white, but the night lighting makes them appear a little more cream in the photos.
Thanks HWTM for the idea!


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