Friday, October 5, 2012

Eerie Halloween Wedding Ideas

With Halloween nearing, things are getting pretty spooky… but don’t let this trick you out of a fun, fall wedding! Planning a Halloween wedding is my dream job, and I hope one day I get to use these ideas in real life.

Collect goblets and candle holders from your local thrift store, then spray them with glossy black spray paint and use them as centerpieces! Layer four pieces of black licorice over glass rims to mimic spider legs. Black cala lilies make a great boo-quet! Use different monster photos on place cards. Add hanging votives to lit branches to create an eerie ambiance.

Creeping out the food table might be the most fun! Use dishes and candlesticks you already have around the house or rent some from us. These easy ideas are sure to put a smirk on guests face. Be creative with naming the items as well!

Put black crow stickers on small pumpkins for an easy centerpiece. Number tables by painting wooden numbers black and sticking them in a pumpkin. Okay - it's time for me to start decorating my house for Halloween now! Boos and Hisses! XOXO

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