Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sweetheart Table Ideas

If you are lucky enough to steal away a few minutes with your new hubby, make sure you have a cute “sweetheart” table to dine at. The crowd will be busy with lovely conversation and the two of you will have a few moments of peace to get some delicious food.

Having a round table will allow room for decorations and place settings. Try block letters to label your places and add your bouquet as a centerpiece.

If a square table suits your style better, try hanging decorations from the front of the table. Cut triangles out of burlap, or butcher paper, sew them to a ribbon and glue a sweet message on the front.

Using paper dollies also works great! Use flower vases as the anchors for your signs.

If your sweetheart table is more in the middle of the area make sure to decorate the backsides of your seats. Connecting the chairs is perfect way to show off the new unity between the bride and groom!

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