Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Backyard Campout

If mud, hiking boots and cooking over a fire aren’t your thing, bring the great outdoors to your backdoor!

Pitch a tent and build a campfire in the comfort of your backyard. Here are some cute and fun ideas to create the best campout the neighborhood will be talking about all year!

Set up a s’more station for the kids… and adults! The blog “Kitchen Concoction” has s’more recipes to die for. If you don’t want to spark up a fire, the blog has some yummy, no roast recipes as well.

Here is a fun, unique addition to your campout! Gather some jars and buy some packages of glow sticks from your local dollar store. Make sure the inside of the jars are clean and dry. Then, crack open a glow stick or two and coat the inside of the jar. Close the top and you have “firefly-like” lamps.

You can go all out and pitch some actual camping tents and spend the night under the stars or just give the kids some old quilts and have them hold a tent building completion. This will be a hit and you can even allow them all to stay the night in their new homes!

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