Monday, June 18, 2012

We all scream for ice cream!

This summer is HOT! But nothing should stop the fun of everyone’s favorite treat… ice cream! Break out the homemade ice cream machine or just pick up a variety of your favorite ice cream from the store.

An ice cream station added to any party will make your guests smile. Place a variety of ice cream toppings in cute containers to make a unique, self-serve bar! Details rents containers, or you can use your own. Topping ideas include chocolate chips, colorful gummy bears, classic sprinkles, fruit, nuts and anything you can think of! Don’t forget chocolate syrup and whipped cream!

Check out these cute ice cream cups and spoons from Tom Kat Studio. Add some custom ribbons or personalized names to the bowls and you will be well on your way to the cutest scoop of the summer!

Dry ice is an awesome solution to keeping ice cream frozen in the heat. Put a piece of dry ice in an ice chest with your ice cream. (Remember do not handle dry ice with bare hands. Always use a leather glove or tongs.) You can get dry ice in College Station by contacting A Dry Ice.

The old fashion freezer method is also a good solution. Immerse your ice cream tub in an insolated bucket with ice, water and rock salt. The bucket will keep the cold from the salt and ice. The salt causes a transfer of coldness from the ice to the ice cream. (Remember do not let any salt water seep into your ice cream… yuck!)

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