Monday, February 27, 2012

Popcorn Buffet

I’m sure you’ve all seen TONS of sweet and yummy candy displays at various events. What about popcorn? Popcorn buffets are very easy and much less expensive than candy.

Details Party Rental
rents a popcorn machine for $50. We also have a variety of vases and containers you can use to display different varieties of popcorn.

We found easy recipes for caramel popcorn, cheesy-chili popcorn, butter pecan popcorn, and white chocolate popcorn.

You could also serve popcorn toppings with plain, buttered popcorn if you didn’t want to serve all different varieties. Nuts, raisins, salts, M&M’s go great with popcorn!

Don’t forget to label the different popcorns or toppings so guests can choose their favorites! The blue “Popcorn Topped with Love” labels were created by Jessica’s Design Shop and can be purchased from her website.

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