Sunday, June 19, 2011

Mix it up, drink it down!

Serving drinks at a party is a must, but it is very easy for drinks to fall flat with guests if they aren't exciting. These five creative ways to serve drinks will add punch to any old punch bowl!

In these hot summer months, drinks are one of the only things cooling people down! These DIY ice straws from are fun and sure to keep your guests and their drinks chilled.

If you already have your drink menu planned, why not spruce it up with rock candy? This treat is tasty and serves as the perfect swizzle stick!

Guests at any event love getting involved with making their own eats. This soda maker from lets you choose from a wide variety of unique flavors. Black Currant Pear soda, anyone?

Jello shots are reminiscent of the college lifestyle. Upgrade these classics by serving them in an orange peel. So chic! First, cut the orange in half and remove the fruit from the peel. Then, pour in jello mixture to the empty peel. Refrigerate overnight and voila!

Create labels and offer guests a variety of limeades. Fruit adds interest and flavor to the beverage. These punch jars, along with many others, are available for rent at Details Event & Party Rental in College Station, Texas for $7.50 each.

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