Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wedding/Bridal Shower Themes

Pottery Barn has some great bridal shower tips that I wanted to share.

Shower Essentials

A 3-tier stand makes a sophisticated statement and is perfect for displaying finger sandwiches, hors d’oeuvres or your favorite cookies and dessert items.

Serving boards, trays and glass domes help to display foods and keep them fresh.

Large and small cake stands are perfect to display cakes and desserts. They can also serve as a pedestal for cheeses, crackers and fruit. Stacks of large and small plates, mugs and bowls will encourage your guests to help themselves to the buffet.

Stemless glasses are perfect for wine, champagne, mimosas and bellinis and are best for parties since they are more stable and easier to hold than traditional stemware.

White tablecloths are an essential at a bridal shower. Have plenty of cloth napkins on hand for guests, and for a special touch, monogram the bride’s wedding date on the linens. After the party, you can have them laundered and give them to her as a gift.

Bridal Shower Themes
• Around the Clock – Assign each guest a specific time of day and ask them to tailor their gift to this time. For example, if you are assigned 9:00 am, your gift should reflect early morning activities and could include such items as a tray, teapot, table linens and a set of mugs.
• Linen Shower – A perfect way to add luxury to the couple’s home. Have guests give sheets, towels, fluffy pillows, bathrobes, table linens and other textiles.
• Holiday Shower – Ask each guest to base their gift choice on a different holiday – ornaments or decorations for Christmas, champagne flutes for New Year’s Eve or a serving platter for Thanksgiving. These gifts are sure to become the couple’s heirlooms.
• A Room of the House Shower – Each guest is encouraged to give gifts tailored to a particular room of the house. For example, if a guest is assigned The Bathroom their gift could include guest towels, bath canisters, a soap dish and a fine hand milled soap.

Special Touches
• Match your food selection, decorations and prizes to the chosen theme of the shower.
• Have a selection of chilled beverages like sparkling water, soda, champagne and wine available for your guests.
• Create a music playlist ahead of time that will help set the mood of the party – or, borrow from ours!
• Party favors are always a great way to thank guests for coming. Some great ideas include monogrammed frames, champagne splits in mini ice buckets or miniature potted herbs. Refer to our guide to create great party favors

To learn more, visit http://www.potterybarn.com/pbimgs/rk/images/bld-20090717-011/shop/pp_pdfs/Bridal/bridalhowto.pdf.

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